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We Currently Have 3 Demo Guns Available for $275 Each.

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* 30 - 50% Material Saving
* 70 - 90 % Reduction in Overspray Mist
* Spray All Coatings - Solvent Based and Water Based
* Reduced Spray Area Clean-Up
* Cleaner Healthier Work Environment
* Reduced Emissions & Pollution Without Compromising Quality
* Simple Modular Design
* Easy To Install
* Replaces Conventional High Pressure Guns Easily
* See The Dimensions Of the Auto-2002
* Made In USA
* Fast Delivery Anywhere In The World !

The AUTO-2002 HVLP Automatic Spray Gun by LEX-AIRE provides the fine finish you need with the benefits of HVLP Spraying.

The Auto-2002 is a no compromise solution to your automatic spray finishing needs.

The Auto-2002 will provide the same speed and finish quality as your conventional high pressure compressed air guns. Unlike other HVLP Spray guns, the AUTO-2002 truly works!

There are 8 needle and nozzle sizes , from 0.7 mm (.028") to 2.8 mm (.110"), available for all types of finishes.

See the dimensions and weight of the Auto-2002

See our Parts Price List for our reasonable parts prices

Looking for an even more compact, lightweight HVLP Automatic Spray Gun??

Look at our Auto-1001, 4 7/8" (124mm) Total Length!

The AUTO-2002 is only $399 .

Why is that?
The AUTO-2000 is based on the LEX-AIRE Pro-2002 Semi-Automatic Hand Spray Gun.
Because of the interchangability of parts between the guns, the price is able to be held down.

The Auto 2002 is also available with a flow through fluid block for recirculating systems or cleaning.








LEX-AIRE Automatic Guns are used by Tanners & Finishers Worldwide:

Fashion Tanning
Pearl Leather
Salz Leather
Lackawanna Leather
H & J Leather
Arrow Leather
Grunbaum Rico y Daucort
Induscuer S.C.A
Hapdong Ltd
& More.

LEX-AIRE Automatic Guns on site.

Download the 23 page installation and troubleshooting manual 650k(Adobe Acrobat File). This manual is probably the best multi-gun facility automatic spray gun installation manual in the world. © 1998 Copyrighted!!

It is based on our years of experience in installations. It is written from the standpoint of the installer knowing almost nothing. The LEX-AIRE guns are probably the easiest to install, but we wrote a simple, step-by-step illustrated guide.

We had a much shorter manual when we assumed the installer knew what he was doing ; )

Delivery Information:

The AUTO-2002 is available to be shipped to you now!

We ship via UPS (United Parcel Service) worldwide.

We can also ship by parcel post, other carrier, or if you are in a hurry we can put it on a commercial airline flight for you to pick up at your local airport.

Payment Information

We accept payment by check, credit card, or wire

Contact Information:

You can call us at 800-LEX-AIRE ( 800-539-2473) in the United States
You can call us at 781-646-1102 from anywhere in the world
You can fax us at 781-646-2827 from anywhere in the world

Please email if you have any specific questions or would like ordering or shipping information