Welcome Bosco Customers


LEX-AIRE has the parts or addtional HVLP Spray Guns you need.

We also have accessories, such as 8 ounce detail cup, 2 quart remote cups, and 2 1/2 gallon pressure pots for your BOSCO gun.

Virtually all of our parts will interchange with those on your BOSCO gun and are made to LEX-AIRE's high standards and precision machining.

We ship most orders on the day you place your order, with Next Day Air delivery available. LEX-AIRE knows you need the right parts, on time, to keep your shop going or keep your customers happy.

LEX-AIRE has been an innovative HVLP manufacturer for 15 years. HVLP is all LEX-AIRE does.


LEX-AIRE produces the highest quality and most extensive line of HVLP equipment on the market. LEX-AIRE has been the leader in innovative HVLP equipment with products such as supercharged turbines, turbine boosters, spray gun actuated turbines,parts dryers for plating and annodizing shops, and high efficiency compressed air conversion units. LEX-AIRE's automatic spray guns and air amplification system have been very successful in the highly demanding leather finishing industry.


LEX-AIRE's extensive product line includes two stage, 60 cfm output turbines, all the way up to 200 cfm three stage supercharged turbines.

Our turbine AIRE-BOOSTERs can be used with any manufacturer's turbine to provide up to 300% more turbine performance and provide cooler air to the spray gun.


The turbine AIRE-SWITCH is a pneumatic device that enables the user to turn their turbine on and off by just pulling the trigger on the spray gun. The AIRE-SWITCH is available in versions to operate any brand turbine and is safe to use in spray booths.


The 2002 Semi-Automatic HVLP Spray gun for compressed air is the most dramatic change to spraying since the invention of the spray gun. THE Pro-Series "RS" is equally impressive for its simplicity, performance, and low cost .


LEX-AIRE's products are manufactured using aircraft quality components. Our spray systems have been used extensively in auto body, woodworking, industrial applications, porcelain refinishing, painting contractors, and other finishing applications.


The "Pro-Series" spray gun includes an all metal body and very precisely manufactured fluid flow components. This gun produces the finest of finishes.


Our systems are modular in design so that the same spray gun may be used with any system and the systems can be upgraded if more performance is needed.


LEX-AIRE holds multiple patents in HVLP and is the only company that produces such a wide range of HVLP solutions.

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