Mobile Refinisher HVLP Spray Systems

* Up to 80% Reduction in Overspray Mist

* Up to 50% Savings in Paint

* Cleanest Air in the Industry - Clean, Dry and Oil-Free

 Mobile Auto Refinishing is one of the most popular & successful businesses, and LEX-AIRE offers the most complete and most durable packages available. Satisfaction Guaranteed Or Your Money Back!

Pro-Mobile Systems come ready to use - all you need is electricity and paint.

LEX-AIRE Turbine systems are ideal for mobile businesses. They are lightweight, quiet, and easy to set up. The units present a professional, high-tech, appearance to your customers. All you need is access to a 110 volt outlet or use with a generator. The turbine provides an instant continuous air supply. There is no need to wait for a compressor to build up pressure, nor is there the fluctuation in air pressure. Systems are used by mobile professionals in providing on site automotive touch-ups, Bumper touch-up & Refinishing, panel painting, interior repairs and wheel refinishing.The high quality Pro-Series Gun provides an even finish, without mottling of base coats.

Lex-Aire Guns work with Solvent based, Water Based, and Waterborne finishes.

Lex-Aire HVLP Spray guns and Turbines meet or exceed all requirements for HVLP.
Lex-Aire HVLP Turbine systems atomize paint at 3.5 psi or less, well below Federal and State 10 psi limits.

EPA Rule effective January 9, 2008 exempts cups of 3 ounces in size or less, from Spray Booth requirement. EPA Rule effective 1/9/08

Lex-Aire Mobile Packages - All Models Come with Pro-Series Gun & 8 Oz Cup
Typical Uses Turbine Stages Hose Length Price
Pro-Mobile 50 Blends & Touch Up 2 - 5.7" 20' & 5' Flex $1435
Pro-Mobile 60 Blends, Touch-Up, Panel Painting 3 - 5.7" 20' & 5' Flex $1495
Combo Mobile Blends, Touch-Up, Panels, Waterborne Paint Dryer 3 - 5.7" 20' & 5' Flex $1775
Premier Mobile Blends, Touch-Ups, Panels & Overalls 3 - 7.2" 20' & 10' Flex $1940

+ $35 Shipping

See Lex-Aire in Action

See how the Lex-Aire can be used as an Airbrush - compared to a penny. 17 seconds Watch a Touch-Up/Blend on a Ferrari

Lex-Aire TopFeed Guns and BottomFeed Guns spray the same

Specifications LX-60C - Pro-Mobile Package

Turbine Stages 3
10 Amps @ 120 Volt
PRO-SERIES Gravity Feed Spray Gun
8 Ounce Nylon Cup
Metal Cup Lid
Standard Turbine Hose 20' X 3/4" with air control valve
5' Flexible Whip Hose

CFM-unrestricted 99, CFM-restricted 3/4" 85
PSI-sealed 5.5
PSI-spraying * 3.1
Heavy Duty Filter Std
Main filter with Pre-Filter
Circuit Breaker Switch Std
T handle for cord wrapping
Maximum Turbine Hose 40'
Tubine Size - 8.5"x10.5"x12"
Turbine Weight 20
Shipping Weight 32 lbs
*End of 20' hose with air control valve wide open.

Complete System Only $1495

New! Combo Mobile Package for Waterborne Paints

Lex-Aire Leads the Way Again

Combo Mobile Package Comes Complete as Shown. Ready to Spray and Dry
Use Aire Tubes to Dry Bumpers
Use Aire Tubes Vertically for Doors and Panels
Configure Aire Tubes for Horizontal Panels or Add PVC Pipe for your needs!

• Waterborne Paints require a flow of warm, dry air to flash off quickly. Lex-Aire gives you both.

• Compressed Air dryers and venturis use expensive cold compressed air, which may contain contaminants.
Lex-Aire provides clean, dry, warm, oil-free air.Air is filtered to 3 microns. The air is so clean it is classified as a Class D breathable air source!

• Quickly switch from Spraying to Drying. Warms air 30-35º in 3 minutes. Warm air drys faster!

Turbine Stages 3
10 Amps @ 120 Volt
PRO-SERIES Gravity Feed Spray Gun
8 Ounce Nylon Cup
Metal Cup Lid
Standard Turbine Hose 20' X 3/4" with air control valve
5' Flexible Whip Hose
8 Turbo-Dryer Air-Tubes
Spraying Adapter Fitting

Combo Mobile - Complete - Only $1775

Invented, Designed & Built in USA

The LX-60C is the highest performance compact series system - 3 stage turbine for any application where high quality professional finishes are required. Ultra-fine atomization and wide fan pattern.

LEX-AIRE COMPACT SERIES TURBINES feature a heavy duty cabinet designed to stand up to years of professional use. The inside of the cabinet is acoustic foam lined for noise reduction. The motor mount forms a plenum chamber which isolates clean incoming air from the exhaust cooling air. All incoming air is drawn through a 3 micron washable main filter with 13 square feet of effective filter area that is 99.9% efficient. In addition the LX-60C also feature a washable foam prefilter. This is the most advanced filtering system on the market for blemish free finishes and long motor life. Every Lex-Aire turbine system is packaged in a sturdy well designed shipping carton.

Pro-Series "TA" Spray Gun

* Gravity Type Feed in 4 Cup Sizes - 3 oz., 8 oz, 21 oz, and 32 oz

* Features all metal construction (except for nylon cup)

* Exclusive Patented floating-gasket plate for leak proof performance

Only $435

Lex-Aire 3 Ounce Cups

Lex-Aire has a 3 ounce cup available for $33.95 which can be used with all existing Lex-Aire Top Feed Spray Guns.

Lex-Aire Top Feed Spray Guns with 3 ounce cups are available for use with other turbines too.

New 3 Ounce Cup
3 Ounce Cup & Lid
32Oz, 21Oz, 8 Oz, & 3 oz Cups

Up-Grade - LEX-AIRE Guns Will operate with any brand of Turbine System

LEX-AIRE has the highest quality, best made components in the industry.

See how simple the inside of the Spray Gun is.

See how well made the Turbine is.


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