Needle/Nozzle Sets Available For Your LEX-AIRE HVLP Spray Gun

Needle & Nozzle Sets Are $66

Needle/Nozzle Set mm Needle/Nozzle Set inch Materials Used
 0.7mm  .0276"   Ultra Fine finish work with stains, waterbase lacquer & automotive finishes
 1.Omm .  0394"  Finish work, urethanes, waterbase ,Lacquer, shellac,
 1 .2mm  .0472"  Automobile finishes, lacquer, stains, varnish, primers
 1.4mm  .0551"  High output with lacquer & enamels, urethanes, varnish, zinc chromate, automotive primers
 1 .6mm .0630"  High output with automotive primers & industrial finishes
 1 .8mm .0709" High output industrial finishes, sprayable gelcoats
 2.Omm .0787" Heavy output with lacquer & enamels, house paints, multi color paints, butyrate, nitrate dopes
0.1102" Wax base stripper, multi color paints, sound deadeners

See the dimensions of the Auto-2002

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