Optional Top Feed Gun

Specifications LX-60C
Amps @ 120 Volt 12
Circuit Breaker Switch Std
CFM-unrestricted 99
CFM-restricted 3/4" 85
PSI-sealed 5.1
PSI-spraying * 3.1
Turbine Stages 3
Heavy Duty Filter Std
Standard Turbine Hose 20' X 3/4" with air control valve
Main filter with Pre-Filter
T handle for cord wrapping
Maximum Turbine Hose 40'
Turbine Weight 20
Shipping Weight 32 lbs
*End of 20' hose with air control valve wide open.

The LX-60C is the highest performance compact series system - 3 stage turbine for any application where high quality professional finishes are required. Ultra-fine atomization and wide fan pattern.

LEX-AIRE COMPACT SERIES TURBINES feature a heavy duty cabinet designed to stand up to years of professional use. The inside of the cabinet is acoustic foam lined for noise reduction. The motor mount forms a plenum chamber which isolates clean incoming air from the exhaust cooling air. All incoming air is drawn through a 3 micron washable main filter with 13 square feet of effective filter area that is 99.9% efficient. In addition the LX-60C also feature a washable foam prefilter. This is the most advanced filtering system on the market for blemish free finishes and long motor life. Every Lex-Aire turbine system is packaged in a sturdy well designed shipping carton.

Attention Mobile Automotive Refinishers & Detailers:

The LX-60C and LX-50C with a Top Feed Gun are used by mobile refinishers nationwide. A popular option is the 3 or 8 oz top feed cup.

PRO-SERIES HVLP SPRAY GUN - Pro Series spray guns feature a heavy duty chrome plated die cast aluminum gun body. The stainless steel needle and nozzle, chrome plated brass air cap, and 6061-T6 anodized aluminum nozzle holder are all CNC machined to tight tolerances. The 3 position adjustable floating air cap offers the ultimate in pattern control. The Lex-Aire Pro Series spray gun features an exclusive Teflon® packing design for long life and easy adjustability. The Pro Series spray gun has no 0-rings to replace and is gun washer safe and impervious to all solvents.

Accessories for Bathtub Refinishers and Others
45 Degree Elbow
Remove Air Inlet from Gun and insert 45 degree elbow.
Only $26
Kicks hose out of the way so it doesn't bump into tub or sink.
1 Quart Remote Cup
Allows you to turn gun upside down and makes manuvering in close quarter easier.Comes with 5' Air & Fluid hoses
Only $204
The 1 quart remote is just the right size for spraying tubs, without being too large or heavy like a 2 quart remote.
1 Quart Remote on right. 2 Quart Remote on left.

PRO-SERIES HVLP TOP FEED GUN (Option) A 21 ounce Top Feed Gun is available for your system as a $85 upgrade.


An 8 ounce cup is also available for the Top Feed Gun. The 8 ounce cup is $42.95 . The 8 ounce cup is great for doing touch up work or small jobs. It is used by many Automotive Touch-Up & Detail Painters.

A 3 ounce detail cup is also available for $42.95 without the lid. Use supplied lid with the cup.

LX-60C Spray system comes complete with turbine, Pro-Series 1.0 mm Spray Gun with 1 quart cup, 20' air hose, air control valve, gun cleaning kit, and owner's manual .
LX-60C is $1395 .
The LX-60C is the best choice and best value in the LEX-AIRE compact turbine line.
With the 3 stage turbine you can spray solvent based or water based finishes.

Users include automotive painting hobbyists, woodworkers & refinishers, aviation painting, house trim painting, appliance & bath refinishing.

It is a great choice for the serious hobbyist or smaller shop owner.

Customer Testimonial - A Tumble Down 2 Flights of Stairs

"The Lex-Aire model LX-60C you see in the see pictures (below) has been my daily driver for the last 4 years..

Hi, my name is Art, I own and operate a bathtub refinishing business ADX Refinishing. in Sacramento California.. I have 15 years professional refinishing under my belt.. I purchased this LX-60 C 4 years ago

I have over 1000 hrs of run time on this machine and watched it summer-salt down a flight of stairs a few years back and for sure thought it was toast.. other than the handle getting bent and a good dent on the front it still ran great and runs great to this day..

It is very important to change the main filter and pre filters as needed.. I have 2 lex-aire 60cs, 1 Capspray CS 8100 and 1 Fuji Mini-Mite 3 and without hesitation or hype, My Lex-aires are hands down the best turbines I own..

Thank you for your time..

Art Bailey
ADX Refinishing

Great Deal On LX-60C

Only $1395

+$50 Shipping

800-LEX-AIRE,800-539-2473 781-646-1102 outside U.S.A.

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