LEX-AIRE Tank Agitator and Heater

The LEX-AIRE 50C Agitator/Heater is a 2 stage turbine that produces 60 cfm at 4 psi. Rotational friction of the turbine generates a constant supply of heat.

The LEX-AIRE 50C produces clean, dry, oil free air that will not introduce contaminants into your tanks.

There are no heating elements to maintain or replace because the heat is a by-product of the rotational friction of the turbine.

The LEX-AIRE 50C is capable of keeping a 1000 gallon tank (10x4x4) at 70 - 80 degrees in a typical shop environment.


Urbo 60 unit is also available. It is a 3 stage unit, producing 80 cfm at 5.2 psi. Price is $895


Stop Freezing in Winter

The 90M Urbo unit has been used to keep tanks that are outside from freezing.

We had one customer in Minnesota use an Urbo 90 to keep a 4000 gallon mud mix tank from freezing.

The Urbo 90 is $1195. You will need to rig up some PVC pipe to fit your tank configuration needs.

The agitation and turbulence created by the air movement, combined with the temperature increase, will keep liquids from freezing.

*NOTE: We cannot guarantee that your water or solution will not freeze, due to situations that we cannot control.


Other uses of the units are :

* Blowing out lawn irrigation lines to prevent freezing

* Blowing out plumbing lines in pleasure craft to prevent freezing

* Limited only by your imagination


The LEX-AIRE 50C Agitator/Heater is only $795 with a 15 foot air hose


To order a unit, please call us at 800-LEX-AIRE, 800-539-2473.