"Bullet Proof" HVLP

Only $465 Bottom feed, $535 Top Feed


The PRO-SERIES RS is a highly efficient air conversion device that does not require the user to invest in special hoses and fittings. Just hook up to a standard shop air line and start spraying.


* One needle, nozzle, and air cap for most all finish materials (1.0 mm supplied, other needle/nozzle sizes available for only $66 each).

* Sealer, base coat, clear coat, single stage, and high solids automotive finishes all can be sprayed with standard set-up.

* Lacquer, shellac, varnish, poly, sealers, stains, and waterbased wood finishes all can be sprayed with standard set up.

* Chrome plated aluminum body, Stainless Steel Fluid needle and nozzle, and high flow regulator are standard equipment.

* PRO-SERIES-RS is a true HVLP spray gun that has all the speed and finish quality of a conventional high pressure spray gun.

* Cup locking pins are strapped (Bottom Feed) to prevent bending if cup is over-tightened.

* Top Feed Cup uses our exclusive floating gasket plate for leak free operation

* Spraying with the PRO-SERIES RS requires no special training or over reduction of spraying materials

Why does the RS spray so much better than other HVLP guns?
There are several reasons.
The RS was designed from the start as an HVLP spray gun.
It is not a modified high pressure gun.
The RS has the wide open passages necessary for efficient HVLP performance.
RS uses a pressurized cup. This gives even pressure - no fading out like other gravity feed guns.
Because the RS uses a pressurized cup a finer (1.0 mm) needle & nozzle can be used, giving much finer atomization, but still with the speed an performance you expect.
Fan Size - The fan size on the RS can be adjusted from 1/4" up to 14" wide !

* Complies with all HVLP standards and requirements.

The RS is probably the most compliant gun in the world.
HVLP laws generally require that a gun be operated at less than 10 psi to meet the standard.
With many other HVLP guns you need to be spraying at or near 10 psi before you get decent atomization, if at all.
Many of the HVLP guns that are converted high pressure guns need to be "cheated" over 10 psi to work and they use a lot of compressed air.
The RS sprays virtually all finishes with 3 - 6 psi leaving plenty of room for the more difficult finishes of tomorrow.
Example: Automotive base coats spray at 3-4 psi; clear coats 5-6 psi.

* LEX-AIRE guarantees that the PRO-SERIES-RS finish quality and speed will surpass any HVLP gun available today.

* Our replacement parts are all reasonably priced. Customers are pleasantly surprised when they compare LEX-AIRE prices to the "competition"

* See our frequently asked Questions & Answers Page.

* Technical Specifications and Options of RS guns including an 8 ounce cup for Top Feed Guns

* See the inside of a Pro-Series RS

* See the Pro-Series in use spraying clear coat.

* Shipping $15, US 48. We ship worldwide. Email, fax or call for information.

* Includes Diaphragm Air Pressure Regulator.

* Satisfaction Guaranteed Or Your Money Back


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