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There is a phenomenal amount of information here to help you choose a turbine system.

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If you would like to have a turbine system choice narrowed down for you, try our helpful choose a system page. Answer a few questions and we reduce your choice to one or two systems that will fill your needs.

Or we have a choice chart matrix, where you match your spraying needs to the models that suit you.

To see a cutaway of the spray gun (88k) click here.

To see a cutaway of a typical turbine (67k) click here.

Watch Brief Videos of Lex-Aire HVLP Turbine Systems in Action

Lex-Aire HVLP Turbine Systems save 30-50% of materials and greatly reduce overspray

Watch a Touch-Up/Blend on a Ferrari
1 min 17 seconds
See how the Lex-Aire can be used as an Airbrush - compared to a penny.
17 seconds
See a boat being painted with LX-90A system
1 min 53 seconds
Watch Ornamental Ironwork being sprayed
47 seconds
Wood finishing using a Lex-Aire cup gun, remote cup, and pressure pot with a Lex-Aire turbine. 9 min 16 sec Watch heavy equipment being sprayed with the LX-95A pressure pot model.

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Note: EPA and/or local regulations may control outdoor spraying

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