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Spray Gun

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Fluid inlet:

Bottom Feed - 3/8" Fluid

Top Feed - Proprietary 5/8-16 Cup, Metric to Gun


Air Inlet:

Bottom and Top Feed - Standard Turbine Hose QC


Cup Size:

Bottom Feed - 1 Quart - 32 ounces

Top Feed 21 Ounce (Optional)

metal lid available also for older guns with gasket plate $29.95

Available Optional Sizes:

8 oz detail cup8 ounce detail cup for bottom feed




A 3, 8, 21, 0r 32 ounce cup is available for Top Feed guns


8 Ounce Cup For Top Feed

Accessories for Bathtub Refinishers and Others
45 Degree Elbow
Remove Air Inlet from Gun and insert 45 degree elbow.
Only $20
Kicks hose out of the way so it doesn't bump into tub or sink.
1 Quart Remote Cup
Allows you to turn gun upside down and makes manuvering in close quarter easier.Comes with 5' Air & Fluid hoses
Only $165
The 1 quart remote is just the right size for spraying tubs, without being too large or heavy like a 2 quart remote.
1 Quart Remote on right. 2 Quart Remote on left.

1 Quart Remote Cup for bottom feed

2 quart remote cup2 quart remote cup for bottom feed

2 1/2 gal pressure pot2 1/2 gallon pressure pot for bottom feed

Top Feed - 21 ounces (17 ounce available)


Waterbased finishes:

No problem, just leave cup dry after cleaning and for storage.
For those spraying highly acidic or corrosive materials, we have Stainless Steel Cup Assembly availble for $155.


Air Hose Size

All turbine units comewith a 20' air hose with brass connectors, stress relief, air control valve & Quick Connect

Construction ( Bottom Feed Guns) :

Gun Body - Chrome plated aluminum

Fluid Nozzle & Needle - Stainless Steel

Fluid Nozzle Holder - Anodized aluminum

Air Cap - Chrome plated brass

Cup - Aluminum

Cup Lid - Cam lock aluminum (not a screw on cup)


Top Feed Cup

21 ounce capacity

Metal Screw-on Lid with Floating Gasket Plate for leak-free performance. $75 upgrade to Turbine System price. Additional Top Feed Guns are $435.

Metal Lid and Gasket Plate available for older guns. Standard on New Guns.


Gun Washer Compatible


Turbine Construction

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LEX-AIRE uses Ametek turbines. Ametek makes hundreds of different turbines, but LEX-AIRE uses the highest quality turbine at each level.

The turbines are housed in metal cabinets, with metal fittings.

The cabinet that houses the turbines are compartmented to separate intake air from exhaust air.
This is very important. Many competitors just have the turbine bolted in an open cabinet, which renders the filters only decorative and reduces turbine life.

Option Pictures


21 Ounce Top Feed Gun is available as an swap option on any turbine system for $75.

A Top Feed Gun is available separately for $435

The Top Feed Gun comes with a 21 ounce nylon cup and LEX-AIRE's exclusiveFloating Gasket Plate for leak-free performance.

3 ounce cup, $36.95 without lid. 3 Ounce Cup required by EPA for outdoor spraying effective 1/9/08.

8 Ounce Cup For Top Feed Guns is $34.95 without lid, $99.95 with lid (Gun not included)

8 Ounce Cup is great for Touch-Up, Detailing, or spraying small quantities


8 ounce detail cup

8 Ounce Detail Cup with $47 -

2 quart remote cup

2 Quart Remote Cup (does not include gun shown), but does include a hook handle - $220

2 1/2 gallon galvanized pressure pot with regulator - $378

You need a small compressor (1/12 h.p.+) to pressurize pot when using turbine system.
Our systems with pressure pots have a built in compressor to pressurize the pot.


20' 3/8" lined hose - $73.40

25' 3/8" lined hose - $84.40

800-LEX-AIRE,800-539-2473 781-646-1102 outside U.S.A.

We welcome and sell to anyone in the world
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