Specifications LX-70M
Amps @ 120 Volt 12
Circuit Breaker Switch Std
CFM-unrestricted 105
CFM-restricted 3/4" 80
PSI-sealed 5.
PSI-spraying * 3
Turbine Stages 2
Heavy Duty Filter Std
Standard Turbine Hose 20' X 3/4" with air control valve
Main filter with Pre-Filter
T handle for cord wrapping
Maximum Turbine Hose 40'
Shipping Weight 42
*End of 20' hose with air control valve wide open.

The LX-70M has approximately the same performance as the LX-60C, but is quieter.

Top Feed Gun option $75.

The LX-70M is only $1195

800-LEX-AIRE,800-539-2473 781-646-1102 outside U.S.A.

We welcome and sell to anyone in the world

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