LX-95A - SP

Specifications LX-95A - SP
Amps @ 120 Volt 12
Circuit Breaker Switch Std
CFM-unrestricted 99
CFM-restricted 3/4" 94
PSI-sealed 7
PSI-spraying * 3.75
Turbine Stages 3
Heavy Duty Filter Std
2 - Standard Turbine Hose 20' X 3/4" with air control valve
Main filter with Pre-Filter
2 - PRO-SERIES Spray Gun
Maximum Turbine Hose 50'
2 - 25 foot 3/8" fluid lines
*End of 20' hose with air control valve wide open.

The LX-95A SP has 2 spray guns, 2 pressure pots and a 1 quart cup.

It can be used in wood finishing; with sealer in one pot and clear in another.

It is used in house painting with primer in one pot, paint in the other.

The two pots can be used to have two people spraying the same finish on trucks, equipment, boats or planes.

The LX-95A SP is only $3265

800-LEX-AIRE,800-539-2473 781-646-1102 outside U.S.A.

We welcome and sell to anyone in the world

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