Specifications LX-50C
Amps @ 120 Volt 8
Circuit Breaker Switch Std
CFM-unrestricted 80
CFM-restricted 3/4" 60
PSI-sealed 4
PSI-spraying * 2.3
Turbine Stages 2
Heavy Duty Filter Std
Standard Turbine Hose 20' X 3/4" with air control valve
Main filter with Pre-Filter
T handle for cord wrapping
Maximum Turbine Hose 30'
Turbine Weight 19
Shipping Weight 30 lbs.
*End of 20' hose with air control valve wide open.

The LX-50C is for those seeking quality finishes with solvent based materials.
The advantages over the LX-30C are the PRO-SERIES Gun, air control valve, higher output turbine, handle for cord wrapping, and turbine pre-filter.

LEX-AIRE COMPACT SERIES TURBINES feature a heavy duty cabinet designed to stand up to years of professional use. The inside of the cabinet is acoustic foam lined for noise reduction. The motor mount forms a plenum chamber which isolates clean incoming air from the exhaust cooling air. All incoming air is drawn through a 3 micron washable main filter with 13 square feet of effective filter area that is 99.9% efficient. In addition the LX-60C also feature a washable foam prefilter. This is the most advanced filtering system on the market for blemish free finishes and long motor life. Every Lex-Aire turbine system is packaged in a sturdy well designed shipping carton.


PRO-SERIES HVLP SPRAY GUN - Pro Series spray guns feature a heavy duty chrome plated die cast aluminum gun body. The stainless steel needle and nozzle, chrome plated brass air cap, and 6061-T6 anodized aluminum nozzle holder are all CNC machined to tight tolerances. The 3 position adjustable floating air cap offers the ultimate in pattern control. The Lex-Aire Pro Series spray gun features an exclusive Teflon® packing design for long life and easy adjustability. The Pro Series spray gun has no 0-rings to replace and is gun washer safe and impervious to all solvents.

PRO-SERIES HVLP TOP FEED GUN (Option) A 21 ounce Top Feed Gun is available for your system as a $75 upgrade or separately for $435.


An 8 ounce cup is also available for the Top Feed Gun. The 8 ounce cup is $34.95 without the lid. The 8 ounce cup is great for doing touch up work or small jobs. It is used by many Automotive Touch-Up & Detail Painters.

A 3 ounce detail cup is also available for $33.95 without the lid. Use supplied lid with the cup.

Price is only $935 , plus $35 Shipping

800-LEX-AIRE,800-539-2473 781-646-1102 outside U.S.A.

We welcome and sell to anyone in the world

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