Cutaway Of 2002

The 2002 is extremely simple.

Only one moving part for air flow and needle movement.

How is this done?

A double ended piston ( see above), with the front end releasing air flow
and the rear pulling back the needle.

This ingenious design insures that the 2002 will never spit or spatter paint
because the atomizing air starts before the paint flows and ends after the paint stops.

The pneumatic trigger makes the 2002 the most accurate gun in the world.
Every pull of the trigger gives you the same perfect pattern instantaneously.

You can also see that the 2002 is hollow inside which creates the wide open air passages necessary for HVLP.

See an even LARGER (36k) Cutaway of 2002 (This is really good)

See a larger picture of the 2002.

I can't wait to own a 2002, how do I get one!

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