Finishes you can spray and available nozzle/needle sizes

The 2002 come with a 1.0 mm nozzle and needle.
the 2002 is so versatile that this supplied set can spray a wide range of materials.
One of the benefits of the 2002 is you do not have to be changing nozzles, needles, or aircaps when you change materials. This is quite a time and money saver.
The 2002 can do this because the range of atomization is so great. When changing materials usually all that is needed is an air pressure adjustment.

The supplied set will spray sealer, base coat, clear coats, single stage, high solids, waterbase and most primers.
You would need a larger tip size only if you are spraying a heavier primer or are in a production situation and need much more output.

Wood Finishing

The supplied set will spray lacquer, shellac, polyurethane, varnish, waterbased finishes,dyes, stains and more.

Marine & Aviation

The supplied set will spray most paints and finishes. Polyurethane, dope, varnish, finish quality gel coat and Awlgrip.
You would want a larger size for spraying heavier primers, gel coat, or Awlgrip

Available Sizes

I can't wait to own a 2002, how do I get one!

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