These are articles written about the PRO-2000, predecessor to the 2002, and the 2002.
The 2002 sprays the same as the PRO-2000.

Two are from automotive publications,

The Most Versatile Spray Gun I've Ever Used
10 Resto Tips

the others from woodworking publication.

LEX-AIRE Pro 2000
HVLP Comes Of Age, New paint sprayer takes the high-tech route
A Day In The Life Of Raised Panel Installers

This article is from a national auto body magazine that goes to the top shops in the country

"'The Most Versatile
Spray Gun
I've Ever Used"

The results are in. The PRO-2000 is a hit - at least
in one San Francisco Bay Area facility.

For the last month, the refinishing staff at colormasters in Hayward, California, has tested the PRO-2000 by Lex-Aire in real-world refinishing conditions. The PRO-2000 is a new spray-gun technology that uses a pneumatic trigger and piston to move the needle back and start air flow. This is a departure from spray guns using a conventional "trigger" regulator.

Last month we featured photos of head painter Michael Smith testing the gun and printed his first impressions. With the cooperation of Stephen Blagden of Lex-Aire, we left the gun at the store so we could check back later to get long-term impressions.

The staff used the gun to paint several complete jobs with several different refinish systems. Glasurit and Diamont were the paint brands of choice.

"This is by far the most versatile spray gun I've ever used," said Adam Smith, the owner of colormasters who ventured into the paint shop to test the gun. "I used it for everything imaginable. Etch primer, waterborne primer, single-stage and two-stage urethane custom colors. I even tested it with lacquer. It handled everything I threw at it and often in less then ideal conditions."

One of the more inconvenient aspects of using traditional spray guns for different systems, as Smith did, is changing tips. This process becomes obsolete with the PRO-2000. "All you have to do," he noted, "is change the setting. That takes a large part of the hassle out of refinishing."

This flexibility of paint application is important in the l990s, especially in California where the use of HVLP system~ is spreading at a rapid pace. "High-solids coatings," stated Smith, "have characteristics that are different than the high-solvents coatings of the past. Move that much material through a gun and sometimes the result is less than ideal.

"The PRO-2000, however, is perfect for high-solid paints. You can literally make pressure adjustments on the fly. For people making the transition to HVLP, this gun is tailor-made."

Smith was also pleased about the retail cost of the PRO-2000. "Actually," he revealed, "the retail price of this gun is less than that of most other HVLP guns on the market. when you consider it does the work I once needed two or three guns for, it makes perfect economic sense.

Smith has recommended the gun to his local jobber and the painter in the shop across the street. "This is a gun," he states, "that applies to 95 percent of the market."

Inquiries about the PRO-2000 and other Lex-Aire products can be directed to Steven Blagden at (800)539-2473.

Page 16 - Collision Repair Specialist March / April 1994
©1994 Collision Repair Specialist
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This high tech-looking gun has a lot going for it. I especially liked the unique pneumatic trigger, which is very easy on the fingers. The trigger actuates a power piston that starts the air flow before pressurizing the cup. This starts fluid flow to the tip; when you release the trigger, the fluid flow stops before the air flow. The sequential valve action stops spit or spatter on startup and shutoff. Also, the piston moves the needle back in a straight line, rather than in an arc like the mechanical triggers on other guns. The manufacturer claims that this "straight pull" produces a more even fan pattern and causes less wear on the needle and tip.
In my tests, the gun worked as advertised, laying down a uniform spray pattern at a rapid rate with good atomization of thick and thin finishes alike. The 1-mm (.O4O") nozzle set that comes with the gun will handle most finishes, and Lex-Aire offers other sizes as well.
The gun comes with a non-corroding anodized aluminum body and a stainless-steel needle and fluid Up. An air-pressure regulator knob on the side of the handle and a built-in air-tip pressure gauge eliminate the need for an in-line high-pressure regulator between the compressor and gun.
Unlike some guns that require a specific size of compressor, this one will work with a compressor as small as 1-1/2-hp for small projects or light, intermittent use. For larger jobs or heavier use, you'll need a 3- to 5-hp unit to drive it.
You can order the gun with a pressurized bottom-feed cup (shown), a pressurized top-feed cup, or without these options for use with remote pressurized systems.

Lex-Aire Pro 2000 with l-qt. pressurized aluminum cup (model P2-BF), $395.



This article by James Barrett, Woodworker's Journal, vol 19, No.6, November-December 1995 page 73. ©1995 Woodworker's Journal.

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HVLP Comes Of Age
New paint sprayer takes the high-tech route

Conventional paint sprayers and airless guns have been the mainstay of the painting trades because they can deliver lots of paint evenly and smoothly to a surface. But they waste a lot of paint. The typical "transfer efficiency" a measure of how much paint actually gets on the surface you're painting - for airless guns is poor: As much as 50% of the paint is released into the air or wasted as overspray. Conventional
sprayers are only slightly better, wasting about 45% of the paint.
Recent environmental pressure and cost considerations have pushed many painters to use high-volume, low-pressure (HVLP) paint sprayers, which typically transfer about 90% of the paint to the surface. However, many painters have complained that the lower pressure of these guns (4 to 6 pounds of pressure rather than the 50 typical of conventional units) has degraded performance, producing uneven coverage, unpredictable fan shapes and densities, and the dreaded "orange peel" texture. However, the Lex-Aire Pro-2002, a high-tech HVLP sprayer released last summer, aims to remedy those problems and make paint spraying easier and more efficient.

Judging by the acclaim received by the 2002's predecessor, the Pro-2000, the new gun should deliver on most of these promises. Both guns are distinguished by two characteristics that Lex-Aire claims are unique: The guns are machined from aluminum rather than cast or molded from metal or plastic, and the trigger works pneumatically rather than mechanically.
Machining the guns produces tighter tolerances, says Lex-Aire, providing better overall performance and allowing the guns to use the same spray nozzle for any application. In addition, the pneumatics retract and replace the spray needle consistently, rather than at a speed dictated by how you pull the trigger. Because the 2002 feeds paint into the spray channel only when air is flowing, the gun starts and ends each spray uniformly and never spits paint at the beginning or end of a pass. Finally, the trigger requires only a pound to activate, which, along with the 2002's light weight (only 21 ounces; the 2000 about 32 ounces), makes spraying less tiring.
Reviews from journals covering both the auto body painting and woodworking industries have said the 2000 and 2002 deliver on their promises. The 2002 retails for about $430 for a bottom feed model, $400 for a remote feed, or $470 for a top feed. For more information or to order, contact Lex-Aire at ; 800-537-2473.

Lex-Aire's new HVLP guns
are precislon machined from
aluminum and use pneumatic
triggers - details that the
manufacturer says will help
eliminate uneven coverage,
unpredictable fan shapes,
and unwanted "orange peel"
David Dobbs
Copyright From Spring 1996 Tools Of The Trade Magazine, a publication of The Journal Of Light Construction

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Copyright, Excerpt from an article titled

"A Day In The Life Of Raised Panel Installers",

by Sanford Wilk in the February issue of Builder & Remodeler

..............Like everything that the manufacturer does, finishing is custom so they'll match what you need. This includes prefinishing woods like stain-grade poplar and alder to
cherry or mahogany finish. Should you decide to finish the panels yourself, the fastest and most effective way is by utilizing an HVLP system. These systems are becoming common in the construction industry but most manufacturers make units that are bulky, expensive and hard to use. We found one company-Lex-Aire-that makes a real contractor-friendly machine and their model 2002 lists for just $449, which makes it even more attractive. It converts your air compressor into HVLP and since you've already invested a lot of money into a compressor, you might as well get full use out of it. The best part about this system is the customer support. The folks at Lexaire (800-539-2473) won't just leave you high & dry once they get your money. They answered the dumbest questions that we could throw at them without once making us feel like idiots. The spraying rig also makes sense spraying rooms after you've remodeled them thanks to it's accuracy and professional capability.

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10 Resto Tips

All in-one Gun

This is it! Finally one spray gun to do the jobs of many. With the growing concern over EPA laws and what have you, the Lex-Aire Pro 2000 is an HVLP gun that surpasses all regulations The Pro 2000 lays any material on smooth and even and is user friendly. The pattern is so precise that there's virtually no overspray beyond the point of the pattern width you have chosen to spray Therefore, ft will not waste a drop of paint. It is a convertible gun that will spray top or bottom feed, and it sprays primers, paints, base coats, clears, etc. Whether you have 10 guns or none, the Lex-Aire Pro 2000 is at least a notch above the rest. You can get more info from Lex-Aire by calling 800-537-2473.

Copyright From March 1996 Corvette Trader, an article by Jeff Lilly titled 10 Resto Tips

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