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 Mobile Auto Refinisher Turbine Systems
For Bath Refinishers Too!
New! Combo Package for Waterbased.
 2002 Semi-Automatic HVLP Spray Gun
See All Lex-Aire HVLP Guns
Urbo Dryer - Parts Dryer for Industry
Better Than Compressed Air or Bottled Air!
 Other Turbine Systems - 13 Models
For Wood, Marine, Aviation, Sign, and other finishers.

 Pro-Series RS

"Really Simple" Bulletproof HVLP

HVLP Spray Guns
 Turbo Dryer For Automotive Waterborne Finishes
Best Way to Dry Water Based
 Convertible Turbine Gun -Top Feed & Bottom Feed
 Pro-Series-ME Low Air Use "Mist Eater" for the Interior Refinisher

 2002- Automatic HVLP Spray Gun

World's Best Auto-HVLP Gun, only $399


Vacu-Dryer - Vacuums parts Dry. When Blowing off Parts Just Isn't Enough

Pro-Series Low Profile Turbine Gun

Trade-Ins & Demos

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 Gun Parts
Bosco, Sicmo, ColorAll & Croix Gun Parts

 1001 Mini-Automatic HVLP Spray Gun

    HVLP Air Sources for Industry, incl Air Knives

As seen in August 2014 Fine Woodworking Magazine

LX-60C- Portable 3 stage - Pro-Series Gun $995

Wood finishing using a Lex-Aire cup gun, remote cup, and pressure pot with a Lex-Aire turbine.
9 min 16 sec


Lex-Aire is the leader in HVLP technology.

HVLP means High Volume-Low Pressure

Lex-Aire holds multiple patents in HVLP, and had proven transfer efficiency of 86+% when HVLP was established in the 1980s.

Lex-Aire exceeds government standards for HVLP.

Mobile Refinisher HVLP Turbine Systems

Complete Turbine Systems for Mobile Auto Refinishers, Interior Repairers, Detailers, touch-up, and Wheel Refinishing. Also used by Appliance and Bath refinishers. Click Link to Learn More!

Pro-Mobile 60C Package - Special $1095

Mobile Auto Refinishing is one of the most popular & successful businesses, and LEX-AIRE offers the most complete and most durable packages available. Satisfaction Guaranteed Or Your Money Back!

Now available with 3 ounce cup to meet EPA Rule effective 1/9/08

Combo Mobile Package for Waterborne Paints - Spray and Dry with One System!

Comes Complete as Shown
Spray, Then Dry

Waterborne Paints need a flow of warm, dry air to flash off best. Lex-Aire provides both!

Package comes with Turbine, Hose and Spray Gun, plus Aire Tubes to Configure for drying as needed.

Only $1375


Panel Dryer for Waterborne / Water Based Automotive Finishes

Dry Panels with Clean, Dry, Warm, Oil-free Air - Without Using Your Air Compressor

See brief Videos of the power of Turbo-Dryer and how it heats the air 30-35º in 3.5 minutes.
Runs on 110 volt
(patent applied for)

Click Link Above to Learn More!

Only $925 -

Convertible HVLP Turbine or Compressed Air Gun

Lex-Aire Convertible - Easily switches from Top Feed to Bottom Feed. Sometimes you just want both.

Comes with both 1 quart Bottom Feed Cup and 8 ounce Top Feed detail cup. Only $550 Turbine & $675 Compressed Air

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Conversion HVLP Guns For Your Air Compressor

Satisfaction Guaranteed Or Your Money Back!

Pro-Series RS $465 Bottom Feed / $535 Top Feed ForYour Air Compressor . RS gives you the same speed and finish quality as the old high pressure guns, but with the low overspray and material savingsof HVLP. Click Link to Learn More!


2002 Semi-Automatic HVLP Spray Gun ForYour Air Compressor. The world's only pneumatically triggered spray gun.Only $499 Bottom Feed, $579 Top Feed (Gravity Type) Click Link to Learn More!

Complete HVLP Turbine Systems

Satisfaction Guaranteed Or Your Money Back!

Compact portable units for in shop or site use.

Mobile cart units

Complete spray stations with 1 quart cup and 2 1/2 gallon pot for shop or site

Turbine type HVLP Spray Systems LEX-AIRE has 13 different models for every need and budget.

Used by Wood Finishers & Refinisher, Bath Refinishers, Marine, Aviation, and Automotive Painters.

See brief Videos of Lex-Aire Turbine systems in action.

Lex-Aire HVLP Turbine Systems save 30-50% of materials and greatly reduce overspray

Watch a Touch-Up/Blend on a Ferrari
1 min 17 seconds
See how the Lex-Aire can be used as an Airbrush - compared to a penny.
17 seconds
See a boat being painted with LX-90A system
1 min 53 seconds
Watch Ornamental Ironwork being sprayed
47 seconds
Wood finishing using a Lex-Aire cup gun, remote cup, and pressure pot with a Lex-Aire turbine. 9 min 16 sec Watch heavy equipment being sprayed with the LX-95A pressure pot model.

Quicktime | WMV

Note: EPA and/or local regulations may control outdoor spraying

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Accessories to make your work easier, including, 1 & 2 quart remotecups, 8 oz detail cup, 45 degree elbow, 9 needle/nozzle sizes, and more.


Accessories for Bathtub Refinishers and Others
45 Degree Elbow
Remove Air Inlet from Gun and insert 45 degree elbow.
Only $20
Kicks hose out of the way so it doesn't bump into tub or sink.
1 Quart Remote Cup
Allows you to turn gun upside down and makes manuvering in close quarters easier.Comes with 5' Air & Fluid hoses
Only $165
The 1 quart remote is just the right size for spraying tubs, without being too large or heavy like a 2 quart remote.
1 Quart Remote on right. 2 Quart Remote on left.

Automatic HVLP Spray Guns For Production Spraying

Find Out About The Auto-2002
A Modular, high performance HVLP Automatic Spray Gun For Only $399

Click Link to Learn More!

MiniHVLP Automatic bleeder type spray gun 4 7/8" long. Only $279.95

Drying, Agitation, and Heating Solutions For
The Plating, Electronics,and Medical Industry

URBO-DRYER Parts Dryer / Air Knife Units - uses clean,hot, dry air to rapidly dry parts. Runs on 110 volt. 3 models From $995

See brief Videos of Urbo-Dryer heating the air 60º in 3.5 minutes.

Replaces Compressed Air, Bottled Air, Heat guns, and more with inexpensive clean, dry, oil-free air. Click Link to Learn More!

Air KnifeAir Supply - Supplies clean, hot, dry, air. Runs on 110 volt. User adaptible, from $895.Click Link to Learn More!

Tank Agitator and Heater - Keeps 1000 gallon, 10'x4'x4', solution tank between 70- 80 degrees. Runs on 110 volt.

Larger units are used to prevent outside liquid storage tanks from freezing in winter.

Also use to blow out lawn sprinkler lines and marine plumbing for winterization.Click Link to Learn More!

Spray Gun & Turbine Parts

Lex-Aire Pro-Series Gun Diagram & Parts Price List - See the Parts ForYour Gun

We have parts for Croix and Sicmo guns and turbine systems too.

Attention BOSCO SprayGun owners - We have the parts you need for your BOSCO Gun

ColorAll Spray Guns, Gun Parts, and Turbine Parts

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