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Lex-Aire is the leader in HVLP technology.

HVLP means High Volume-Low Pressure

Lex-Aire holds multiple patents in HVLP,
and had proven transfer efficiency of
86+% when HVLP was established in the 1980s.

Lex-Aire exceeds government standards for HVLP.

 Mobile Refinisher Turbine Systems
Automotive, Bath, Wood, Marine, Sign Refinishers & More!
Combo Package for Waterbased.

See All Lex-Aire Turbine HVLP Guns

 Pro-Series RS for Compressed Air

"Really Simple" Bulletproof HVLP

Spray Gun Parts
Lex-Aire, Sicmo, ColorAll & Croix Gun Parts,
Turbine Parts & Filters
Bosco Gun Parts Here

Urbo Dryer - Parts Dryer for Industry, Plating,
Anodizing, Electronics, Medical & More

Parts Dryer / Air Knife Units -
uses clean,hot, dry air to rapidly dry parts.
Runs on 110 volt. 2 models From $995
See brief Videos of Urbo-Dryer heating the air +60º in 3.5 minutes.

Replaces Compressed Air, Bottled Air, Heat guns, and more
with inexpensive clean, dry, oil-free air.

 Turbo Dryer For Automotive Waterborne Finishes
Best Way to Dry Water Based
Dry Panels with Clean, Dry, Warm, Oil-free Air -
Without Using Your Air Compressor

As seen in Fine Woodworking Magazine

LX-60C- Portable 3 stage - Pro-Series Gun $995

Wood finishing using a Lex-Aire cup gun, remote cup, and pressure pot with a Lex-Aire turbine.
9 min 16 sec


See brief Videos of Lex-Aire
Turbine systems in action.

Lex-Aire HVLP Turbine Systems save 30-50% of materials and greatly reduce overspray

Watch a Touch-Up/Blend on a Ferrari
1 min 17 seconds
See how the Lex-Aire can be used as an Airbrush - compared to a penny.
17 seconds
See a boat being painted with LX-90A system
1 min 53 seconds
Watch Ornamental Ironwork being sprayed
47 seconds
Wood finishing using a Lex-Aire cup gun, remote cup, and pressure pot with a Lex-Aire turbine. 9 min 16 sec
Watch heavy equipment being sprayed with the LX-95A pressure pot model.

Quicktime | WMV

Note: EPA and/or local regulations may control outdoor spraying

Accessories to make your work easier, including, 1 & 2 quart remotecups,
8 oz detail cup, 45 degree elbow, 9 needle/nozzle sizes, and more.


Accessories for Bathtub Refinishers and Others
45 Degree Elbow
Remove Air Inlet from Gun and insert 45 degree elbow.
Only $21
Kicks hose out of the way so it doesn't bump into tub or sink.
1 Quart Remote Cup
Allows you to turn gun upside down and makes manuvering in close quarters easier.Comes with 5' Air & Fluid hoses
Only $165
The 1 quart remote is just the right size for spraying tubs, without being too large or heavy like a 2 quart remote.
1 Quart Remote on right. 2 Quart Remote on left.

Complete HVLP Turbine Systems

Satisfaction Guaranteed Or Your Money Back!

Compact portable units for in shop or site use.

Mobile cart units

Complete spray stations with 1 quart cup and 2 1/2 gallon pot for shop or site

Turbine type HVLP Spray Systems LEX-AIRE has 13 different models for every need and budget.

Used by Wood Finishers & Refinisher, Bath Refinishers, Marine, Aviation, and Automotive Painters.

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email - sales@lexaire.com

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